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Offer in Compromise

Settle Back Taxes / Offer in Compromise

Tax Debt is a serious issue – Work with someone with experience that you can trust
Many taxpayers have back tax debt so you are not alone. There are millions of dollars in unpaid back taxes, interest and penalties and the IRS knows that they will not be able to collect the amount owed by many taxpayers within a reasonable timeframe but they are still responsible for collecting what they can.
Taxpayers fall behind in paying their taxes for varying reasons. Tax problems commonly occur because major health issues, divorce, job loss or loss of income. Small business owners may get behind on personal or payroll taxes, which can quickly escalate into a large tax debt which are compounded by interest and penalties the IRS assesses. The amount of tax owed can quickly add up to an amount that is insurmountable based on the income and assets available at your disposal.
There are different solutions available to settle the amount of back tax debt you owe the IRS and we use our knowledge and experience to match you with professionals that are experienced in dealing with the IRS. We take pride in helping you evaluate and understand your tax situation and find appropriate solutions to set you free from the uncertainty, fear and anxiety that most people confront when facing tax problems.

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